The tewag team

The tewag Management

Klaus Bücherl

Qualified Geologist (BGD)

Klaus Bücherl has been an accredited expert in the field of soil and ground-water for more than 25 years. In 1989 he founded LUBAG Labor für Umweltberatung, Analytik und Geologie GmbH, one of the leading geotechnical consultancies in Bavaria. He remained managing partner of that company for 15 years. Today it is part of the Tauw Group. Klaus Bücherl is an active member of various professional associations throughout Germany. Among other roles, he is deputy chairman of the German Professional Association of Geoscientists (BDG), and within the German Scientific-Technical Association for Environmental Remediation and Brownfield Redevelopment (ITVA) he is the arbitrator for subcommittee F2 – Sampling.

Prof. Dr. Simone Walker-Hertkorn

Qualified Geologist

Prof. Dr. Walker-Hertkorn has been working in the field of geothermal energy for more than ten years. As managing partner of the consultancy systherma Planungsbüro für Erdwärmesysteme GmbH, she has a national reputation as an experienced specialist in the use of geothermal energy. She is a key contributor in formulating geothermal energy quality standards based on her membership of the VDI 4640 standards committee and her work on various professional bodies (including the Quality Assurance in Geothermal Systems working group of the Baden-Württemberg Environment Ministry). Since 2008 she has been a professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, specialising in geothermal energy systems, drilling techniques and renewable energy sources.


Ines Aumüller

B.Sc. Geography / Project Assistance

with tewag since October 2017 in Regensburg part-time and in parallel finishing her Master of Geoecology at the university of Bayreuth. Ines assists our specialists for soil and groundwater at contaminated sites and is herself experienced in GIS appliances.

Alexander Bauer

Qualified Geologist / Project Manager

With tewag since 2008, responsible for managing geothermal projects in Bavaria. His work ranges from initial appraisal and planning, drafting tender specifications and expert reports, to drilling supervision and construction project acceptance testing. In early 2012 Alexander Bauer was accredited in Bavaria as an Expert (PSW) in the thermal use of open and closed systems, including construction project acceptance testing. Starting in the summer semester of 2012, he will be lecturing in geothermal energy as part of the Bachelor of Engineering course in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Barbara Baur

Administration Executive/ Project Assistant

With systherma and tewag respectively since 2008. As a project assistant, she is responsible for thermal response tests, technical drawings and approvals. She also handles organisational and administrative tasks.

Dr. Markus Kübert

Qualified Engineer / Company Authorised Signatory [Prokurist] / Project Manager

Joined systherma in 2006, now working for tewag. Dr. Markus Kübert is a qualified electronics engineer and graduate in environmental engineering. He acquired his doctorate and subsequently worked at the University of Tübingen's Centre for Applied Geosciences. He lectures in heat pumps and geothermal energy as part of the Masters course in Sustainable Energy Competence (SENCE) at Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences. His work at tewag encompasses heat transport models and energy pile systems.

Mihaela Lacher

Office Administration Executive / Project Assistant

Joined systherma in 2006 and has been working for tewag since 2011. Her duties include organising site supervision operations, approval procedures, end-of-project documentation and invoicing.

Christian Solcher

Qualified Geographer / Project Manager

With tewag since 2012, responsible for the inherited pollution and building pollutants section. He has been working in the environmental field since 1999 (including for LUBAG GmbH), and most recently was head of the building pollutants section at an international consultancy. Christian Solcher's duties cover: investigation of soil and ground-water; historical research; building pollutant surveys; supervision of demolition and remediation works (BGR 128, TRGS 519); as well as drafting the associated tender specifications.

Rosi Werkmann

Project Assistant

Since 2010 responsible for office organisation at the Regensburg office.